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Add Comment
Note : This description is specific to Disproportionality Analysis output.
In the course of an analysis, certain facts might surface for a particular drug-event pair or certain findings might warrant comment. For example, based on the drug label, a treatment might be known to cause a particular adverse event . To remind yourself of this fact during future analyses, JMP Clinical enables you to highlight Tree Map cells and save comments for drug-event pairs. These comments are made available for viewing in subsequent analyses, such as when the database is refreshed with additional records.
Pushing the Add Comment drill-down button launches a dialog window so that a written comment can be saved to a data set for the selected cells from any tree map . Comments are saved to pv_review_notes.sas7bdat in the directory specified by the Output Folder in the Disproportionality Analysis input dialog. In order for these comments to be available for subsequent analyses, the Input SAS Data Set should reflect the most recent data while the Output Folder should not change. New drug-event pairs are added to the comment file on an ongoing basis.
Deleting comments is made difficult on purpose. In order to do this, you must edit the pv_review_notes.sas7bdat data set directly.