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Fit Model and Plot LS Means
Depending on the process, a Wide Subset window might appear. You have the option to select variables that uniquely define wide column names, a common prefix, or a name for the output wide data set.
WARNING : Do not select a sub-feature variable to uniquely define wide column names if an ANOVA was constructed using the corresponding feature variable as a BY variable . For example, do not select probeset_id to uniquely define wide column names in the Wide Subset dialog if transcript_cluster_id was selected as one of the By Variables in the ANOVA dialog. If you fail to heed this warning, JMP will crash !
Next, the JMP Fit Model platform is opened with selected observations and options preloaded.
See The Fit Model Dialog in the JMP Help ( Help > Contents > Modeling and Multivariate Methods > Introduction to Model Fitting ) for details about this process.