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Kaplan-Meier and Hazard Plots
Opens and runs the Mortality Time to Event process with the selected observations .
The Kaplan-Meier and Hazard Plots results for Phlebitis from the AE Time to Event output description are shown below.
The window contains the following elements:
One Survival Plot .
The y -axis represents the percentage of subjects that have not experienced at least one Phlebitis event. Depending on options, the x -axis represents either the days or weeks that the first event occurs from the start of dosing or, for subjects with no event (censored), the duration of treatment.
Summary statistics present the number of subjects experiencing at least one event and the number of subjects censored. If the individual curves go below 0.5, median estimates are presented in Quantiles .
One Hazard Plot
The Competing Causes section of the window includes a Weibull fit and corresponding hazard plot showing treatment emergent adverse event risk over time.
Refer to Survival Curves and Survival Plot for more information.