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Events Distribution
This report compares distributions of events from a domain and demographic variables across treatment arms .
Note : This report should be considered as two different reports: DS Distribution and MH Distribution , depending on which domain is specified in the dialog .
Note : Refer to Distribution Reports for a description of the general analysis performed by the JMP Clinical distribution reports.
Report Results Description
Running this report for Nicardipine using default settings for medical history ( MH ) generates the Report shown below.
Refer to the AE Distribution output description, including all of the Report elements and areas where Events Distribution differs from AE Distribution .
Report Options
Report Option Descriptions
Specific documentation for each of the options can be viewed by clicking on the following links:
General Options
Domain , Term Level
Treatment or Comparison Variable to Use , Treatment or Comparison Variable
Event Type , Ignore available treatment emergent flags , Offset for End of Dosing , Count multiple occurrences of an event per subject
Subject Filter 1
Additional Filters
Additional Filter to Include Subjects 2 Merge supplemental domain , Include the following events: , Filter to Include Events , Select the population to include in the analysis , By Variables

Subject-specific filters must be created using the Create Subject Filter report prior to your analysis.

For more information about how to specify a filter using this option, see The SAS WHERE Expression .