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Variable Report
The Variable Report report examines all of the data sets in the selected study and compares the variables that are needed for each JMP Clinical report with the variables that are available in your study. It then prints out a report (either PDF or RTF ) listing each JMP Clinical report, indicating the needed variables for each option in the report, whether the needed variables are available, and if the report can be run for the study.
Typically, the JMP Clinical Starter displays and runs only those reports for which the core variable requirement is met. However, specific options might require additional variables. If one or more of these variables are missing, the report can still be run, but errors or warnings are generated. In this case, running Variable Report can help you determine which variables are missing or misnamed.
Report Results Description
Running this report for Nicardipine using default settings generates the PDF report shown below. Only the first page is shown.
Note how needed, available, and missing variables are indicated.
Report Options
Specific documentation for the option can be viewed by clicking on the following links:
Output report as