Appendixes | Report Option Descriptions | Set reference line for y-Axis

Set reference line for y- Axis
Use this option to specify a custom reference line to be drawn on the Bubble Plot .
Lines are set for each domain as described in the following table:
Lab measurements are automatically standardized by the LLN and ULN such that the line is drawn at k*ULN of the y -axis lab test, where k is the integer chosen in this field.
Electrocardiogram measurements are plotted on their original scale.
Vital signs measurements are plotted on their original scale.
To Set a Reference Line for the y- Axis of the Bubble Plot:
Tip : To change the scale of the slider, right-click on the slider and select Rescale Slider from the pop-up menu. Change the upper or lower boundaries in the that appears, to rescale the slider and click OK .