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SMQ Folder
Use this field to specify the name and complete path to the folder containing the Standardized MedDRA Queries ( SMQs ) data sets.
Standard MedDRA Queries (SMQs)
Standard MedDRA queries are used to cluster your results into standard MedDRA categories. At their simplest, SMQs are groupings of MedDRA terms, at a defined levels, that describe a specific medical condition. Each medical condition or group of related conditions has one or more individual SMQs. Terms listed in the SMQ define signs, symptoms, events, laboratory data, physical and physiological findings, and so on.
Required SMQ SAS data sets include:
a Preferred Terms data set ( pt.sas7bdat ), which contains the variables pt_code and pt_name ),
a Standard MedDRA Querry - Content data set ( smq_content.sas7bdat ), which contains the variables smq_code and term_code , and
a Standard MedDRA Querry - List data set ( smq_list.sas7bdat ), which contains the variables smq_code, smq_name , and smq_level .
By default, preferred terms are used to generate the MedDRA categories. You can opt to use higher level terminology to generate categories if you include the following data sets in the SMQ folder:
a High Level Term data set ( hlt.sas7bdat ), which contains higher level term codes and names,
a High Level Preferred Term data set ( hlt_pt.sas7bdat ), which maps preferred terms to higher level terms,
a High Level Group Term data set ( hlgt.sas7bdat ), which contains higher level group term codes and names, and
a High Level Preferred Group Term data set ( hlgt_pt.sas7bdat ), which maps preferred terms to higher level group terms.
Note : All SMQ data sets must be formatted in standard MedDRA form and placed in the same folder prior to analysis with JMP Clinical. This folder should be named SMQ .
To Specify the SMQ Folder:
Click Choose and then navigate to the location of the data set.
To View the Contents of the Specified Folder:
Click Open .