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Merge supplemental domain
Check this option to direct the inclusion of existing data from the SUPP domains into the analysis.
Variables and data from SUPP are merged into the data before filtering and are subsequently included in the output data set, provided the structure of the data is not changed by the analysis and statement filters permit the inclusion.
Supplemental domains (typically named SUPPxx , where xx indicates the type of supplemental data contained therein; for example, SUPPAE would include supplemental adverse event results) are typically used to include variables that are outside the SDTM data standard. Conventions for naming these variables are not stringent. Therefore, the only variable specifications are for those variables 1 required for transposition and merging of the supplemental data into the domain table.
Note : You must check this box to run reports where required or permissible variables are located in a SUPP domain.
To Specify This Option:

Required variables include studyid , domain , rdomain (which will merge to domain) usubjid , qnam , qval , qlabel . idvar (or idvarval ) are optional but are used when available.