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Required Domain Report
This report creates a static report ( PDF or RTF format) showing the domains required by JMP Clinical , and lists the available and missing domains along with any affected reports.
Report Results Description
Running this report with the Nicardipine sample setting generates the static report shown below.
The first page of the report describes the data sets that are used within JMP Clinical for various domain analyses. This is particularly important if both SDTM and ADaM data folders are provided, and the ADAM folders contain analysis versions of SDTM data sets (for example, ADAE and AE ). JMP Clinical uses ADSL as the primary study data set for merging, population flags, and so on. If this is not available, the DM data set is used in its place. For analyses using ADaM data sets, JMP Clinical uses data sets that are SDTM+ (same format as SDTM but with extra variables, including supplemental variables that were merged into the data set). However, JMP Clinical does not currently support the Basic Data Structure (BDS) of ADaM . When adding a study, JMP Clinical determines which ADaM domains are BDS and uses the SDTM versions (if available). Otherwise, this domain is not available for analysis in JMP Clinical.
Subsequent pages of the report list any reports that might not work appropriately due to missing variables.
Report Options
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