Using JMP Clinical | Settings

The Settings tab is used to specify general settings that apply across all JMP Clinical functions ad reports.
Use this feature to choose where to access the study information. Local specifies the default folder on your machine’s hard drive (typically C:\Program Files\SASHome\JMPClinical\**\LifeSciences\ 1 ). Other options (such as “ Shared ) indicates a location on a network drive that has been set up for use by multiple users. Refer to How does JMP Clinical know where to find my studies? and How can I change the location of and share my studies with other users? for more information
Links are provided to the Holiday and Event and the Risk Threshold data sets. Refer to Manage Holiday and Event Data Set... and Manage Risk Threshold Data Sets... for more information.
Modifying Your Configuration
The configuration of your JMP Clinical installation can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organization. For information about Configuration Files , Controlling System Preferences for a Configuration , Controlling File Path Preferences for a Configuration , and Setting Up an Alternate Configuration , please refer to the Configuring JMP Clinical document located in the appendix.
JMP Clinical supports use of either both English and Chinese languages, as well as partially supporting Japanese.
Note : If you do not see all three languages in the drop-down menu, you might need to add them to your JMP Clinical installation. Refer to How do I view JMP Clinical in a language other than English? for more information.
Documentation and Help
By default, JMP Clinical accesses the JMP Clinical User Guide, an online documentation, and Help system. You can also download the documentation to your local drive and specify which version (local or online) of the JMP Clinical User Guide to access.
Click Download Documentation... to download and install the JMP Clinical User Guide to your local machine.
The download process can take several minutes. A window opens, showing the progress of the download.
The option for selecting either the online or local versions of the documentation become active once the download has completed.
You can also specify how you want to view the documentation:
Select Show help in a separate JMP window to open the Help in a new JMP window whenever you click on a icon.
Select Show help in a separate browser window to open the Help in a new browser window whenever you click on a icon.
Select Show help embedded in current window to open the Help within a panel in the active JMP window whenever you click on a icon.
About JMP Clinical
This section provides version numbers for the different components of your JMP Clinical and SAS installations and the expiration dates of your license files. OPtions for renewing your licenses are included.
To renew your JMP Clinical license:
Click Renew License to open the Renew Your JMP License window
Click Open License to open a Finder window.
Select the file and click Open to renew your license.
To renew your SAS license:
Click Renew License to open the Choose Language window
Click OK to open the SAS Deployment Manager .
Click Next and follow the prompts to renew your license.
This section includes options to archive SAS macro code and to regenerate all JMP Clinical report dialogs. These are advanced features that are used only under very specialized circumstances. In general, most users never have a need for these options and should use them only when, so directed by their system administrators or SAS Technical Support.
Note : You must quit and reopen JMP before any changes made on this tab take effect.

The ** indicates the version of the JMP software included in JMP Clinical.