Appendixes | Graphics | Scatterplot

A scatter plot shows the relationship between two variables . You can use three different scatterplot formats to perform pairwise comparisons of the variables.
Scatterplot Matrix
The 2-D scatterplot matrix (below) is a grid of scatter plots that show the relationship between pairs of variables. Each plot represents one pair of variables.
Note : Graphs and their associated JMP tables are dynamically linked; selecting any feature on a graph highlights the corresponding row(s) in the associated table, and vice versa.
Three-Dimensional Scatterplot
The 3-D plot (below) shows the relationship between three variables at the same time. .
The 3-D plot is interactive. You can grab and rotate the plot to attain the best view of the differences between the groups. You can also change which of the principal components are represented on the three axes by changing the selections available in the menus at the bottom of the .
A final format, the Bubble Plot , is used to examine the relationship between two variables over time.