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Event Type
Use this feature to specify the inclusion of a particular event in the analysis. By default, all events are included in the analysis.
Available options are listed in the following table:
On treatment events1

For both On treatment events and Off treatment follow up events, the date of last dosing is normally taken from EXENDTC. If EXENDTC does not exist, the date is taken from EXSTDTC instead.

Note: When crossover is detected, only those events that occur within the specified treatment period dates are shown. This true even when All Event Types has been selected. For example, pre-treatment events are not assigned to a treatment and therefore not shown in the report.
Note: If a Filter to Include Adverse Events is entered and/or the Include serious adverse events only check box is checked, all filters are applied along with this radio button.
To Specify an Event Type:
Note: For information about how treatment emergent adverse events (TEAEs) are defined in JMP Clinical, please refer to How does JMP Clinical determine whether an Event Is a Treatment Emergent Adverse Event?.