Appendixes | Report Option Descriptions | Supplemental SAS data set for AE Narrative

Supplemental SAS data set for AE Narrative
Specify the full path and name to the input SAS data set containing supplemental data for AE narratives.
This option enables users do their own programming and make variables available to the narrative template. The supplemental data set merges events using USUBJID and AESEQ. If AESEQ is not available in the original SDTM/ADaM data, AESEQ is defined after sorting events by USUBJID, AESTDTC, and AETERM for events where AETERM is nonmissing. This feature allows the user to merge on any data for each AE.
For example, specifying the following supplemental data set enables VARIABLE1 and VARIABLE2 to be references in the narrative template.
To Specify the Supplemental Data Set:
Click Browse and then navigate to the location of the data set.
To View the Contents of the Specified Data Set:
Click View.