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Plot tumor results measurements as:
Use this option to select the type of findings measurement values to plot.
Note: If a Percent Change test is chosen, this option is ignored.
Change from baseline is calculated as (Summarized Lesion Measurement) - Baseline. Select this option to plot the change from the findings baseline measurements (determined by the xxBLFL variable or by Study Day less than 1).
Percent Change from Baseline is calculated as 100*(((Summarized Lesion Measurement) - Baseline)/Baseline). When this option is selected, automatic reference lines are drawn at -30% and 20% for a general reference to RECIST criteria for disease progression or response. Note that the 20% line should be used as a guidance only, as it is not guaranteed that the baseline value is the nadir value for lesions.
Note: Both values are calculated across trial time. Summarized lesion measurements are derived from TRSTRESN.
To Specify the Types of Measurements to Plot: