Appendixes | Report Option Descriptions | Consider Group Level to identify unique event terms

Consider Group Level to identify unique event terms
Checking this option uses the values of the specified Group Level to further define and distinguish unique event terms (as specified by the Term Level selection.
If the option to Count multiple occurrences of an event per subject is unchecked, then this includes using the group level to select the representative term record for each subject per term. The resulting count plot is split/grouped by the Group Levelto ensure that counts for same named terms across different group values.
For example, using our shipped Nicardipine data, the Term LOST-TO-FOLLOWUP occurred as a term both in the DISPOSITION EVENT category and in the OTHER EVENT category. If this option is unchecked, this distinction is ignored and the Term Level value alone will define individual events. If this option is checked then these records for LOST-TO-FOLLOWUP would be considered a different event given that it was recorded under different categories.