Appendixes | Report Option Descriptions | End Date Variable to Use for Subject Duration

End Date Variable to Use for Subject Duration
This option is used to specify the date for determining the length of the subject bar chart.
This option uses chosen demographic (DM or ADSL) study end date variables or last response assessment (RSDTC in the RS domain) and subjects are automatically sorted by length of duration on study on the Y-axis (Note: You can also choose to Groups Subjects by Treatment Variable. Bars are colored (default a grey scale theme) by the values of specified treatment.
Available options are listed in the following table:
Use the reference end date (RFENDTC) as the end date.
Use the last date on which the subject showed a response to the treatment (RSDTC or RSDY) as the end date.This option is selected by default.
Note: Date information is typically taken from RS. If, however, there is no date information in RS, these reports merge RS and SV by USUBJID and VISIT/VISITNUM and the SV dates are used.
To Specify an End Date Variable: