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Working with JMP
JMP Clinical contains a fully function copy of JMP software that you can access to enhance your use of JMP Clinical.
To access the JMP and functions not already used by JMP Clinical, you must first surface the JMP Home icon on the JMP Clinical main , as described below:
Adding the JMP Home Icon:
You must first modify the system.clinical.preferences file (the default local location for this file is the C:\Program Files\SASHome\JMPClinical\12\LifeSciences directory).
Open the system.clinical.preferences file with a text editor.
The file shown below opens. The text to be modified is highlighted.
To view the JMP Home button change {“ShowJMPHomeAccessButton”, 0} to {“ShowJMPHomeAccessButton”, 1}.
Note: You must include the quotation marks as shown in the text above. Entries are case-sensitive.
Save and close the system.clinical.prefereneces file.
A JMP Home button () is added to the JMP Clinical Main , as shown below:
Accessing JMP:
Click the icon to open the JMP Home (shown below).
Use the Help menu to access the JMP Help system for documentation, tutorials, and other information about using JMP.