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Control Levels
When you are using one set of control samples, you can type the levels to be used as a control in this field. Wrap each level in double quotation marks (“”) and separate the levels by spaces ( ).
Using the Drosophila Aging example, if the Variables Defining Analysis Groups are Line, Sex, and Age, then specify:
"SAM" "FEM" "WK6"
to use that particular combination of levels as the control group against which all deviations are constructed.
When using multiple sets of control samples, type the values of the Variables Defining Control Sets (wrapped in double quotation marks) that indicate the analysis groups that make up the control samples.
Important: This field is required when using multiple control groups.
If you leave this field blank, the first sorted level for each group variable is used as the control when using one set of control samples.
To Specify Control Levels: