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Interactive Clustering Method
Use the drop-down menu to specify the method to use for hierarchical clustering (via the JMP Clustering Platform) when using Interactive compression.
Note: This parameter is available only when Interactive has been selected as the Compression Method.
Clustering methods are described in the following table:
This method tends to join clusters with small variances and is biased toward producing clusters with the same variance.1
Choose this method to set the distance between clusters to the ANOVA sum of squares between the two clusters summed over all the variables. At each generation, two clusters from the previous generation are merged to reduce the within-cluster sum of squares over all partitions. The sums of squares are easier to interpret when they are divided by the total sum of squares to give the proportions of variance (squared semipartial correlations).
This method is often the method used in other linkage grouping software. However, because it can suffer from chaining together spuriously linked markers, it is biased towards forming imbalanced groups.

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Milligan, G.W. (1980) An examination of the effect of six types of error perturbation on fifteen clustering algorithms. Psychometrika 45: 325-342.

To Specify a Clustering Method:
Specify Interactive as the Compression Method.