Parameters | Genetics | Minimum LOD Threshold

Minimum LOD Threshold
Use this field to specify a recombination fraction (rf) for the analysis.
If Order Algorithm is NOT set to Automated, then the LOD value entered here is used to set the recombination fraction (rf) to half (rf=0.5) for any pair of markers for which the LOD value from the test of linkage is less than this value.
If Order Algorithm is set to Automated, then the value of LOD entered here is used when positioning markers in the linkage group.
Note: When the best LOD for positioning a marker within a linkage group is less than the value specified here, this marker is dropped from the linkage group.
To Specify the Minimum LOD Threshold:
Make sure that the Order Algorithm parameter is specified as desired.
Enter the desired LOD threshold value into the text field.