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Secondary Color
Specify the secondary color of the track in red-green-blue (RGB) format {r,g,b}, including the curly braces. The secondary color is overlaid on the primary color within coding regions.
The letters r,g,b represent real numbers between 0 and 1 and indicate the proportion of red, green, and blue, respectively, in the desired color.
Alternatively, integers between 0 and 255 can be used to indicate the proportions.
Note: If this field is left blank, the default color is a purple hue with an RGB value of {153,0,255}.
To Specify the Secondary Color:
There are two options:
Type the color directly into the Secondary Color field, enclosed in curly braces. Specify the components of red, green, and blue, separated by commas. For example, type {1,0,0} for pure red.
Click the Pick Color button to launch a Choose RGB Value window containing color blocks of the JMP default colors.