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SAS Code to Create New Design Variables
Specify SAS statements in order to create design columns (variables). The data set upon which these statements are executed is the transpose of the first row of the Input SAS Data Set.
You can reference the variable _name_, which contains the SAS names of the Variables Containing Primary Data from the Input SAS Data Set, and the variable _label_, which contains their SAS labels. Other standard SAS automatic variables like _n_ are also available for reference.
Common SAS functions to use in your statements are substr() and scan(). For example, the statement material = scan(_name_,2,"_"); creates a new design variable named material, which contains the second word of _name_ as delimited by underscores (_).
The specification is in this general form to provide you with maximum power and flexibility to create variables. If you are unfamiliar with SAS syntax, please refer to Base SAS language documentation or seek programming assistance.
To Specify SAS Code to Create New Design Variables:
Example code is shown in the figure below: