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Annotation Analysis Group Variable
Indicate the annotation variable designating rare variants to collapse together to form a single genotype (typically a variable indicating the gene to which each SNP belongs) if the Collapse rare variants within analysis group option is checked. The output genotype data set will contain one column (and the output annotation data set, one row) for all the rare variants with the same value of this variable within the Annotation Plotting Group Variable. Note that the values of other variables in the annotation data set for the first rare variant in each analysis group only are included in the output annotation data set. This variable is also used for grouping together SNPs if any multiple- locus association tests ( Hotelling's T-squared test, Multiple-Locus regression Model, or Multiple-Locus radial basis machine) are selected. All SNPs with the same value of this variable are included in the model together.
To Specify an Annotation Analysis Group Variable:
The Available Variables field is populated with variables from the specified data set.
Left-click a variable from the Available Variables field.
Click to add the selected variable to the Annotation Analysis Group Variable field.