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Interaction Effects
Use this field to specify those variables with which to form interactions with each of the SNPs. Thus, in addition to the tests performed on each individual SNP after adjusting for the fixed and random effects, a test is performed on the interaction of each of the effects listed in this field with each of the SNPs individually adjusting for the fixed and random effects. These effects can be interactions themselves.
The test statistic for entering the interaction of this effect and each SNP, after including the main SNP effect in the model, is reported.
Note: To include the effect listed here as a main effect in the model as well, you must also list this effect in the Fixed Effects field.
To Specify Interaction Effects:
For example, to use the variables Qtrt2, Qtrt3, and Qtrt4, and the interaction between Qtrt3 and Qtrt4 as interaction effects, type Qtrt2 Qtrt3 Qtrt4 Qtrt3*Qtrt4 in the text box.
Note the spaces between the variable names.