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PARMS Statement Values and/or Options
Use this field to specify initial values for covariance parameters or other options that are available in the PARMS statement for PROC MIXED or GLIMMIX.
Statements are written in the form: <(value-list)> </ options> where < > indicate optional components.
The value list contains the initial values for the covariance parameters for any random effects specified and the residual variance, respectively. For example, if one random effect is specified, entering the text (10) (2) would set the initial value for the covariance parameter to 10 and for the residual variance to 2.
The HOLD= option can be used to hold parameter values to the initial values that are given. For example, entering (10) (2) / hold=1,2 would hold both parameters to their initial values. Entering (10) (2) / hold=2 would hold just the second (residual) variance component at the given value of 2.
To Specify One or More PARMS Statement Values or Options:
Type specific options in the PARMS Statement Values and/or Options field.
For Additional Information
Refer to the MIXED procedure PARMS statement and the GLIMMIX procedure PARMS statement documentation.