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PROC LIFEREG Modeling Options
Use this text box to specify options for the PROC LIFEREG MODEL statement. Only one PROC LIFEREG MODEL statement can be specified per run of the PROC LIFEREG procedure.
Note: To enable this field, you must select Automated as the analysis Mode.
You can specify any PROC LIFEREG Modeling option using the following syntax:
Option is the PROC LIFEREG Model Statement option.
Some PROC LIFEREG Modeling options are described in the following table:
Requests that no log transformation of the response variable be performed. By default, PROC LIFEREG models the log of the response variable for the GAMMA, LLOGISTIC, LOGNORMAL, and WEIBULL distribution options. NOLOG is implicitly assumed for the NORMAL and LOGISTIC distribution options.
Initializes the scale parameter to n. If the Weibull distribution is specified, this scale parameter is the scale parameter of the type 1 extreme-value distribution, not the Weibull scale parameter. Note that, with a log transformation, the exponential model is the same as a Weibull model with the scale parameter (n) fixed at the value 1.
To Specify One or More PROC LIFEREG Response Options:
Enter a specific PROC LIFEREG Modeling option in the PROC LIFEREG Modeling Options field.
Refer to the SAS PROC LIFEREG MODEL Statement documentation for more information.