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Venn Diagram - Multiple Tables
The Venn Diagram - Multiple Tables process is a JMP Scripting Language (JSL) script that enables you to examine and compare tables for similarities or differences.
What do I need?
You must have a JMP table open and in focus before you can open the Venn Diagram process. Additional data sets to be compared must also be open. All data sets must share at least one variable to be used as a merge key variable.
For an example, consider the three JMP tables shown below.
The three tables share the “IDMerge Key Variable.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
The Venn Diagram process does not consist of a normal JMP Life Sciences dialog. Instead, selecting this process when multiples files are open brings up a dialog that instructs you to select one or more merge key variables from each table of variables to investigate. When you select one or more variables, choose options, and click OK, an interactive Venn diagram is generated.
Tip: Refer to Proportional Areas for information about proportional and non-proportional diagrams.
A new JMP table, with columns combined from the selected tables, is also created. This table is linked to the interactive Venn diagram. Clicking group(s) in the diagram simultaneously selects corresponding rows in the table. An example output table and interactive Venn diagram are shown below. Those observations in common between VD-MT_GroupWithAttribute1 and VD-MT_GroupWithAttribute2, but not VD-MT_GroupWithAttribute3, seven in total, have been selected by clicking on that region of the diagram. This results in the automatic selection of the seven corresponding rows.
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