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Import Text, CSV, or Excel Files
The Import Individual Text, CSV, or Excel Files input engine imports one or more tab-delimited text (.txt), comma-separated values (.csv), or Excel (.xls) files and creates a SAS data set for each file.
What do I need?
At least one raw data file is required for the import engine.
The adsl_dii_phlebitis.txt file, found in the LifeSciences\Sample Data\Nicardipine directory included with JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical, serves as an example.
This is a tab-delimited text file from the Nicardipine data folder.
The first row contains the variable names. Raw data begins on row 2.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets.
Refer to the Import Text, CSV, or Excel Files output documentation for a detailed description of the output of this process