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R Package Manager
This utility helps to install and uninstall recommended R packages. It also enables you to install newest packages that available on the R CRAN site (
Before you Run Any R Packages in JMP Genomics:
You need to modify the sasv9.cfg file to include the -RLANG option before running any R packages. You must set this option or you will encounter error messages when attempting to use any APs or Add-Ins that use R.
Navigate to the location of the sasv9.cfg file on your computer. Typically, this file is located in the C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\nls\en\ directory;
Type -RLANG in the first line of the file;
Save and close the sasv9.cfg file.
Refer to the RLANG System Option page ( for more information.