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Genome Browser
Click on a button corresponding to a genome browser process. These processes are summarized below.
Adjusting columns of p-values for multiple testing or plotting adjusted and optionally transformed p-values using chromosomal positions. Results can be journaled by a group such as chromosome or candidate gene. The output data set also contains variables indicating significance and number of consecutive significant p-values according to the specified alpha level. A graphic representation of the gene can be overlaid onto the p-value plot for exploring the significance and potential mechanism of differential expression.
Creating a settings (.sas) file from a text file that defines a Chromosome Color Theme. This file can be used for displaying the Chromosome Color Plot in the JMP Genomics Browser process.
Creating an .html table with links to the UCSC Genome Browser based on locations, gene names, or other parameters. This process enables you to create a custom track for upload to the UCSC Genome Browser by specifying a quantitative variable of interest from an analysis performed in JMP Genomics.
See Genome Views for other subcategories.