Output | Expression | Chromosome Position Plots

Chromosome Position Plots
The Chromosome Position Plots tab is shown below:
Note: This tab is generated when a Chromosome Variable is specified.
The Chromosome Position Plots tab contains the following elements:
One p-Value Plot.
There is a separate plot for each chromosome containing one p-value plot when multiple chromosomes are included in the analysis. There is only one plot shown here because all of the l probes in this example were specific for chromosome 1.
The Y-axis variable is the meta-analysis p-value, converted to the -log or -log10 scale if selected in the process dialog. The X-axis plots location of the marker according to the Position Variable.
A horizontal reference line is drawn as a red, dashed line at the significance level that was specified. For -log or -log10-converted p-values, observations above this line are significant; for p-values on the original scale, markers below the line are significant.
On this plot or any of the other p-value plots, simply mouse-over any of the points on the plot to see the name of the marker. When an annotation accession variable is specified when running the process, you can select a point and click on any of the Annotation action buttons to link directly to the corresponding website to view extensive annotation information about the marker.