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Goodness of Fit
The Goodness of Fit tab is shown below:
The Goodness of Fit tab contains the following elements:
A series of Distributions.
The Chi_Sq_Div_DF plot provides an estimate (Chi2 divided by the degrees of freedom) of the level of over-dispersion of count data. Points clustering at or near one indicate that over-dispersion is not a significant factor. The further the points are from one, the greater the over-dispersion and, consequently, the more likely your data that do not fit the specified model.
The RSquare plot shows the proportion of your data that can be explained by the specified model. The closer the data are to 1, the better the fit.
See Distribution for more information.
Scatterplot Matrix.
This plot shows the correlation between the Chi_Sq_Div_DF plot and RSquare plot.
See Scatterplot Matrix for more information.