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Surface Summary
The Surface Summary tab containing the interactive surface plots is shown below. One surface plot is generated for each of the specified z-Coordinate Variables .
The Standardized Residual Plots tab contains the following elements:
This plot shows a three-dimensional representation that summarizes the signals or features of a two-dimensional surface and is used to illustrate distortions or abnormalities. You can use the drop-down menus, sliders, and/ check boxes to adjust the size and appearance of the plots.
In this example, two Z variables were specified from the chips45and55.sas7bdat input data set. The f_45 plot is in green. The m_55 plot is represented by black dots. Examination of the plots reveals that while the background of chip f_45 is relatively smooth, chip m_55 has a region of unusually high background signal
See Surface Plot for more information.