Output | Genetics | Linkage Map Comparisons

Linkage Map Comparisons
The Linkage Map Comparisons tab is shown below:
The Linkage Order Results tab contains the following elements:
One Map Comparison plot for each linkage group
Markers are individually colored. LInes connect the markers on adjacent maps. Distance between markers is given in centiMorgans (cM).
One set of Spacing Controls that can be used to adjust frame size and label spacing. Click and drag (left or right) on a slider handle to optimize the display to your preferences.
One JMP Data Filter that can be used to explore and subset the data. Click on one or more markers in any of the Map Comparison graphs or rows in the data table.
Tip: Click View Data to access the data table.
The Map Comparison graphs and data table are dynamically linked. Selecting a feature in a graph automatically selects the corresponding data table row(s), and vice versa.
Here five markers on linkage group C1 have been selected. Note that they are highlighted in both the plot and the data table.
Click Make Data Table of Selected Markers (circled above) to create a new subset data table (shown below) of markers selected in the graphs.
The new subset table contains only those markers that had been selected.