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Download NetAffx Files
The NetAffx Download Engine is a JMP Scripting Language (JSL) script that facilitates the identification and download of annotation, library, map, or other accessory files used with Affymetrix arrays.
Once the selected files have been downloaded, a Download Verification window provides confirmation of the download and the location of the files. To illustrate, an annotation file associated with the Affymetrix Latin Square experiment was downloaded from NetAffx (See NetAffx Download Engine for more information.). This file was generated using the HG_U95A chips. The HG_U95A.na31.annot.csv file was downloaded and placed into the Genomics\ThirdPartyAnnotation\Affymetrix directory.
Tip : The path to the folder can be copied and pasted into additional JMP Genomics dialogs .
Files downloaded from NetAffx are formatted as comma-separated value text files (with a .csv suffix) and must be imported into JMP Genomics saved as SAS data sets before they can be used in other JMP Genomics processes. To facilitate this import process, the Import Affymetrix Annotation CSV Files process is automatically opened with the downloaded file and other parameters preloaded.
You should run the input engine to generate a valid JMP Genomics annotation SAS data set.