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Chromosome Color Theme
Running this process for the HumanJet sample setting generates the Chromosome Color Theme Chooser shown below. Refer to the Chromosome Color Theme process description for more information.
Each human chromosome is illustrated in the Chromosome Color Theme Chooser interface. Specific features (in this example, giemsa staining patterns) are illustrated, as specified by the variables in the input text file. A color key is provided at the right. Options that enable you to change the name of the setting, alter the color theme, and change lightness and saturation levels are provided at the bottom of the interface.
Important : You must click Save Color Theme Setting to save any changes that you make to the theme. You can also change the Setting Name to save out multiple settings with different color theme specifications for the input .txt file.
The theme settings are saved to a SAS settings file . The path to this settings file is listed in a Message window, as shown below:
The generated setting file (not shown) is ready for use with other analytical processes, such as the JMP Genomics Browser process.