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BioConductor Expresso for Affymetrix Wrapper
Running this process for the GSE1155 data set generates the Results window shown below. Refer to the Bioconductor Expresso for Affymetrix Wrapper process description for more information.
The Results window contains the following elements:
Output Data
This process generates the following data sets:
Output Data Set : This data set contains the data from the different .cel files. This data set is in the tall format: the intensity data from each array are listed in a separate column while individual spots are listed in rows.
Note : You can view the data in a file or data set by clicking either Open or View Subset (when the data set is very large).
Note : A second file, the exp.sas7bdat data set, was created and placed in the specified output folder. This file, which is not referenced in the Results window, can function as an Experimental Design Data Set (EDDS) required for many subsequent analyses of the data.
Click Reopen Dialog to reopen the completed process dialog used to generate this output.
Click Close All to close all graphics windows and underlying data sets associated with the output.