Processes | Expression Parameters | Fixed Effects

Fixed Effects
Indicate primary effects by which to model the mean of the response variable in this field.
Observe the following conventions in this field:
Use an asterisk ( * ) to create interactions. For example, assuming A and B are listed as Class Variables , specifying A B A*B constructs a two-way ANOVA model.
Use a vertical bar ( | ) to create main effects and interactions. For example, A|B|C is the same as A B A*B C A*C B*C A*B*C .
Use an at-sign ( @ ) following the use of vertical bars to remove interaction terms. For example, A|B|C@2 removes the three-way interaction term from A|B|C .
To Specify Fixed Effects:
Type the fixed effects in the Fixed Effects field.
For example, to group the data from different experiments (listed in the Experiment column) into levels, type Experiment in the text box, as shown below: