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Family Test Options
Use this parameter to specify other PROC FAMILY options.
Available options are described in the following table:
Specifies that a continuity correction of 0.5 should be used for the TDT , S-TDT, and RC-TDT tests in their asymptotic normal approximations.
By default, no correction is used.
Specifies that the combined versions of the S-TDT and SDT be performed. Thus, families containing parental genotypes can be analyzed under certain conditions by using the TDT; otherwise the specified sibling test is performed.
Note : If TDT is also being performed, the TDT is done independently of any other tests.
The max version of the multiallelic tests determines whether there is at least one allele with a significant test statistic , using the maximum 1 df statistic over all alleles with a multiple testing adjustment made.
Note : This option has no effect on biallelic markers.
To Choose One or More Family Test Options:
Left-click on a single test, or press and hold Ctrl while left-clicking on multiple tests.
For More Information:
Refer to the SAS PROC FAMILY documentation for additional details.