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Filter to Include Linkage Groups
The Filter to Include Linkage Groups field is an optional parameter that enables you to filter selected linkage groups. Only observations that meet the condition(s) specified are included in the analysis.
The syntax of this filter expression follows the syntax of SAS WHERE statements, although it is not necessary to type the word "WHERE" into the box. It is necessary to use quotes when filtering data using values of a character variable (e.g, LinkageGroup = "LG1") but no quotes are required for filtering by values of a numeric variable (e.g., LinkageGroup > 2). The variable name used in this statement must always be LinkageGroup as the presence of this variable is mandatory in the Input Data Sets.
For example, to include only chromosomes 1H and 4H in your analysis, you could enter the following WHERE expression in the text box:
WHERE LinkageGroup = "1H" or LinkageGroup = "4H"
Note: the word where has already been entered for you.
For more information about using filter fields, see The SAS WHERE Expression .