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-log 10 ( p -Value) Cutoff
Use the field/slider to set the cutoff of - log 10 ( p-values ) for selecting predictors via statistical testing.
Only predictors with an adjusted - log 10 ( p -value) greater than this number are considered for model building.
Note : Values specified here are on the -log 10 scale, so 1.3 corresponds to a p -value cutoff of 0.05, 2 to 0.01, 3 to 0.001, and so on.
To Specify a -log10(p-value) Cutoff Value:
Tip : To change the scale of the slider, right-click on the slider and select Rescale Slider from the pop-up menu. Change the upper and/or lower boundaries in the window that appears, to rescale the slider and click OK .