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Settings to Cross Validate
Use this feature to select the settings that you want to compare and cross validate.
For detailed information about the files and data sets used or created by JMP Life Sciences software, see Files and Data Sets .
To Select the Settings to Cross Validate:
Note : All of the settings to be cross validated must be located in the same folder.
All of the settings files in the selected folder are displayed in the Available Settings field, as shown below:
A number of buttons enable you to add, remove, and manipulate the selected settings prior to cross validation :
To remove one or more settings from the Settings to Cross Validate field, highlight the selected settings in the Settings to Cross Validate field. The button changes to a button. Click the button to remove the selected settings.
Select any process in the Settings to Cross Validate field and click and to move it within the list of processes.
The button opens the dialog of a highlighted process, allowing you to make specific changes to the process settings.
Note : The button, which is normally located with the other action buttons along the bottom of the dialog, has been moved to facilitate cross validation involving multiple processes, and because it functions somewhat differently in this process.
The button enables you to run the model comparison using a select group of rows from the input data set to quickly validate all the input parameters. The test runs on all highlighted processes in the right panel or the entire set if none are highlighted. The input data set rows are selected using the inputs entered on the Options tab.
Click to remove all of the settings from the Settings to Cross Validate field.
Note : The Input SAS Data Set and Dependent Variable must be identical for all processes specified in the Settings to Cross Validate field.