Processes | Predictive Modeling | PROC QUANTSELECT Modeling Options

Use this field to specify additional modeling options in the PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL statement.
The MODEL statement names the dependent variable and the explanatory effects, including covariates , main effects , constructed effects, interactions, and nested effects.
You can specify any PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL option using the following syntax:
Option is the PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL option.
Some PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL options are described in the following table:
To Specify One or More PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL Options:
Type specific PROC QUANTSELECT MODEL options in the PROC QUANTSELECT Modeling Options field.
For example, to display the quantile regression R statistic, type STATS=R1 in the text field, as shown below.
Refer to the SAS QUANTSELECT MODEL Statement documentation for more information.