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PROC GLIMMIX MODEL Statement Options
Enter SAS PROC GLIMMIX MODEL statement options in this field to override default parameters.
You can specify any PROC GLIMMIX MODEL option using the following syntax:
Option is the PROC GLIMMIX MODEL option, and
a space is used to delimit individual conditions.
Examples of commonly used PROC GLIMMIX MODEL options are listed in the following table:
This option requests a t -type confidence interval be constructed for each of the fixed-effects parameters estimates with confidence level 1- n . The value of n must be between 0 and 1; the default is 0.05
This option requests that chi -square tests be performed for all specified effects in addition to the F tests. Type III tests are the default; you can produce the Type I and Type II tests by using the HTYPE= option.
Indicates the type of hypothesis test to perform on the fixed effects. Valid entries for value are 1 , 2 , and 3 , corresponding to Type I, Type II, and Type III tests. The default value is 3 . You can specify several types by separating the values with a comma or a space.
To Specify One or More PROC GLIMMIX MODEL Options:
Type specific PROC GLIMMIX MODEL options in the PROC GLIMMIX Statement Options field.
For example, to specify that a Type I hypothesis test be performed, enter HTYPE=1 in the text box, as shown below:
For Additional Information
Refer to the SAS PROC GLIMMIX MODEL statement documentation for more information.