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Summary Statistic to Compute for Each Variable
Select the summary statistics to compute.
The summary statistics are summarized in the following table:
Note : Median Polish works for Affymetrix probe level data as the summarization method in RMA and GCRMA. When selecting Median Polish , specifying one and only one variable in the Variables By Which to Summarize field is needed.
5 th percentile
10 th percentile
25 th percentile
75 th percentile
90 th percentile
95 th percentile
99 th percentile
The probability that an observation from a Student's t distribution , with degrees of freedom df and noncentrality parameter nc , is less than or equal to x
For more information about these methods, consult a statistics text.
To Specify a Summary Statistic:
Left-click the desired statistic. Hold down Ctrl while left-clicking to select multiple statistics.