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Shared Grid Folder - Client Version
Specify the path to a shared folder for which your client machine and all nodes on your grid have Read and Write access. The pathname for this folder must be recognizable directly by your client machine . On Windows, you can use a path containing a mapped drive.
Important : In order for any of the settings to be saved, you must specify this and all other parameters on the Grid tab.
To Specify a Shared Grid Folder:
The method used for this specification can vary depending on whether JMP is connected to SAS on your local machine or connected to SAS on a server. You should refer to the Specifying Folders, Files, and Data Sets documentation for detailed information.
To View the Selected Folder:
Click Open .
Caution : If the shared path is on a Windows XP machine, then you are able to only use a maximum of 8 grid nodes because of a limitation on the number of users that can simultaneously access a shared folder. If you want to use more than 8 grid nodes, specify a shared path on a server.