JMP Life Sciences Programming Guide | Getting Started | The Column Contents Process

The Column Contents Process
The purpose of the Column Contents process is to display the contents of a SAS data set using the SAS CONTENTS procedure (PROC CONTENTS).
Select Genomics > Data Set Utilities > Tables > Column Contents to open the dialog as shown below:
Click Load... .
The Load Settings dialog opens as shown below:
Highlight the AffymetrixLatinSquareExample setting and click OK .
The dialog is populated with input, as shown below:
The complete name and path to the input data set and output folder are specified. The first 100 observations of the data set are to be printed to a file.
Click Run .
After a few seconds, the results are displayed in an .html file. This file contains several tables describing the features and contents of the input SAS data set. The most important of the tables is the Data Set table at the bottom of the file (partially shown below) which lists the data contained in the first 100 rows of all 62 columns of the input data set.
You can study the .html results to see the variables and characteristics of the input SAS data set. The Column Contents process, although simple in functionality, contains almost all of the basic components of a JMP Life Sciences process. How does it work? The next section provides the details.
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