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Map Geocoding Help
This process is not a JMP analytical process. Instead, selecting this option from the Clinical Starter or Menu opens a JMP table listing the latitude and longitude of more than 750,000 geographical locations worldwide, spread over two tabs:
The Map Geocoding Help window contains the following tabs:
U.S. Cities : Contains a list of U.S. Cities sorted by 2-letter State Abbreviation with latitude and longitude.
Non-U.S. Cities : Contains a list of Non-U.S. Cities sorted by ISO Country Name. Also included are ISO-Alpha 2 and ISO-Alpha 3 codes, State, or Province and latitude and longitude.
These entries can help individuals customize geographic information in Update Study Risk Data Set in order to geocode clinical trial sites. This information can be used to help with the spelling of city and state-province combinations. In general, it is recommended that ZIP codes are used for U.S. sites; non-U.S. sites require specification of country, city, and state or province. If geocoding is unsuccessful or for more specific geocoding (down to the front door of the clinic, for example), latitudes and longitudes can be entered manually using this table or other GPS services.