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Add Holiday or Event
Running this application generates a data set listing country-specific holidays and events to a data set for identification within the Weekdays and Holidays report.
Only one holiday or event can be specified at a time. However, additional holidays or events can be added to the data set by running the application again for each new event. Alternatively, once a data set has been generated using this application, additional events can be added using the Edit Holiday and Event Data Set application.
Note : The list of available countries for specifying a holiday or event are compiled from all of your defined studies.
What do I need?
This application requires that you have defined at least one study.
The output generated by this application is a data set listing the names, countries, and start/stop dates for each holiday or event specified.
Note : This data set is not opened upon completion of the run. To view the generated data set, you can run the Edit Holiday and Event Data Set application.