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Disproportionality Analysis
This process screens an adverse event data set and performs disproportionality analyses for pharmacovigilance and signal detection. Analyses performed include:
What do I need?
One Input SAS Data Set containing adverse event data is required by this process. The pvexample.sas7bdat data set is shown below. It contains 10,000 rows corresponding to combinations of adverse event type, drug, subject information, and onset date.
Note : Comment files for this process are saved in the Notes directory of your user home folder. In Windows 7, this is typically C:\Users\ <your user name> \AppData\Local\SAS\JMP\10\JMPC\Notes .
The output generated by this process is summarized in a tabbed report. Refer to the Disproportionality Analysis output documentation for detailed descriptions and guides to interpreting your results.